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Monday, June 29, 2009

Thing 2

Wordle: geometry

I love Wordle! I would use it to introduce a new unit. i made a wordle for an intro to geometry. Word Sift is awesome too! I love the way you can click on a word! I did one with the scientific Method! But I'm bummed that you can't save it to use in future lessons.

Glogster would be a great tool for bringing a picture to life. it could be used to study a famous person or author, or as a way of presenting a report by adding text, sound, and or video to a still shot. i made one of my kids, and it makes me laugh every time I view it. I think the students would have a ball with this!

Animoto could be something students could use at the end of a unit to summarize thier learning through pictures and sound. I made one on a day in the backyard. It could also be used as a way to tell a story. It could be a form of prewriting...to organize a story. Like a virtual storyboard.

I really enjoyed Bookr. i was a little intimidated after looking at the archive, but I tried to think like a student and I just went for it. i realized you can make your book about anything! This makes for unlimited possibilities in the classroom! My Bookr:

My Summer Goals by Mrs. Lam